Sandra has been dubbed “The Oprah of Botox” for her unique approach to philanthropy.

"I have always had the desire to help women in impoverished nations, but I never knew how to really make a difference. When I read the New York Times article on microfinance I knew this was a calling for me. The plight of Saima Muhommed literally brought me to tears. Micro finance is more than a handout. It truly empowers women by providing a long term vehicle for financial independence. According to the article, the tables have turned. Saima’s once abusive husband is showing her respect, and she is making a true living for herself and her family. Micro finance is a small stepping stone to help raise women out of this cycle. My passion is empowering women, but it is more than skin deep. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who has risen above the cycle of abuse and poverty. My dream is to help these women find the “beauty” of independence.”

Sandra donates 10% of her cosmetic sales directly to the Small Enterprise Foundation (SEF) which provides micro loans to help women out of the cycle of poverty. SEF also joins forces with IMAGE which helps to reduce women’s risk of HIV and gender-based violence.