Sandra Witten, MPAS, PA-C

Sandra is a sought after beauty and Dermatology expert for television. She has 20 + appearances on ABC, CBS, Fox and CW33 to her credit. Her 15 years of clinical Dermatology experience affords her the ability to speak on a wide range of both medical and cosmetic Dermatological subjects. She also speaks on a variety of beauty topics. Sandra was chosen for the coveted beauty blogger position for Pink Memo, which she contributes to weekly.

Her Dermatological services are sought after by models and socialites alike, with a large client base of models flying in from Miami. Sandra was named the “Best Lip Injector” by Envy magazine, for her natural looking lip augmentation.

As a professional model, Sandra understands the importance of beauty. Her skill and specialty in providing “natural-looking” cosmetic dermatology assures her a large following from the beauty industry. She understands the importance of healthy skin – emotionally, physically and mentally.


Skin cancer detection and treatment, acne, eczema, and cosmetic procedures including Botox®, filler agents, sclerotherapy, and multiple laser procedures including V-Beam, Portrait Plasma, Fractionated CO2, Fraxel®, Aesthera Isolaz for acne. Treatement of photaging , as well as pediatric care.



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