Ready for Radiesse?

HEALTH & BEAUTY: Is it modelesque cheek bones that you desire? Do you want to have zygomatic arches worthy of the catwalk? Well, ladies, look no further – Radiesse is here, and no surgery required!

Radiesse is an injectable gel that is made of calcium hydroxyapatite, the same substance found in our bones.  It can also be used in the smile lines (also known as parentheses) around the mouth, BUT the real oh-my-gosh-drop-your-drink WOW factor of this product is the cheekbones.

 Yes, it is a little known secret kept hush hush… until now! You too can have cheekbones even Pocahontas would envy. Do we want even better news? Oh yes we do! This amazing sculpting product can last a year or more! Radiesse for cheekbones is an “off label” use, so you must find a very skilled injector. See you ferocious felines on the catwalk!

Ciao for now,

Sandra Witten PA-C, MPAS

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