Natural Beauty with Yvonne Ryding

Amidst cab hopping and “how-do-you-walk-so-far-in-those-heels,” and still look so fabulous comments,  what else does a city girl contend with in Chicago?  As the clouds part, and we finally see the sun, our skin is even more exposed to those treacherous UV rays. And, did I mention the city pollution and humidity?  EEEK EGAD! What is a city girl to do?

Enter Yvonne Ryding DNA Repair and Protect Face Cream. Why is DNA important? DNA is not just for archeologists studying neanderthals – DNA is essential to beauty! It is the motor that turns on that oh-so coveted collagen. Protect it, and shield it from free radicals that seem to lurk around every corner.

Another fab product for summer city skin? Yvonne Ryding Facial Tonic, boasts cinnamon – not in your latte, ladies but on your skin.  It is a natural antibacterial agent, and a must-have for acne-prone skin, AND I quote from the manufacturer “Gives skin a fun tingle!”  WELL this gal will take a tingle wherever she can get it.


Ciao for now,

Sandra Witten PA-C, MPAS.

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