Dries Van Noten at Musée des Arts Décoratifs

So imagine walking into the mind of Belgian designer Dries Van Noten, and peeking blissfully at his eclectic musings of fashion and art—symbolically mesmerizing, and collectively vibrant and creative. Well, a trip to the City of Lights might satiate said pondering.

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The Return: Let the Chanel Storytelling Begin…

Circa 1954 in Paris, a most precarious moment for Gabrielle Chanel as she presented her post-war collection at the age of 71—a collection that was ill-received by the French press. This moment in time is the beginning of Karl’s storytelling that will unfold in a 30-minute Technicolor movie titled The Return, to be presented prior to his Paris-Dallas Métiers d’Art show on December 10.

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Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore!

The Halcyon Gallery on New Bond Street—always a contemporary treat when I visit London, most certainly satiated my artistic requisite last month in more ways than one. The first: an impactful reminder about the upcoming exhibition in London for the indomitable fashion muse and Patron of British fashion and art: Isabella Blow.

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“Helloooooo Lover!”

Peeps have dubbed me the Carrie Bradshaw of beauty which sparked my “Sandra in the City” adventures. Oh my how Carrie fawns over Louboutin, Choo, and Malonos.

This beauty Diva gets weak in the knees when the new spring collections debut from Chanel, Mac, and Bobbie Brown. Pair that with my Louboutins, and damn, I’m fierce.

Beyonce watch out – I may be calling myself Sasha from now on. Enjoy my gal pal, Carrie – this is how I feel finding the perfect Chanel gloss. I may need some alone time after the purchase.

Tune into twitter this week as I post my favorite Sex in the City quotes. It’s the dead of winter here in Chicago, and this beauty blogger needs a little bling to get me into spring!

Ciao for now,

Beauty and the Bling at the Oscars

The talk of the night was Anne Hathaway’s gown, and let’s say… The upper bits. There was all sort of chatter on social media about said parts, even spawning multiple twitter accounts. Other than being able to see what one would view on the beach in the south of France, I thought the gown was absolutely stunning. A pink Prada that was to die for from the back, accented with that amazing Tiffany necklace. I am going to go to bat for her. I thought she looked amazing. The “titillating” faux pas couldn’t dissuade me from giving her my wink and a nod. 

Jennifer Lawrence took Dior Couture to another level. Accented by diamonds by the yard down the back, instead of the front gave the ensemble a bit of surprise. And surprise she did when she stumbled up the stairs tripped by her mounds of fabric. She was just following Naomi Campbell’s trip (and fall) years ago at Paris’s fashion week. Maybe she wanted to take the spotlight (or should we say headlight?) off of Anne’s bust. Anyway, she was adorable and covered it with beautiful resilience. We love her! 

Kerry Washington made the red carpet pop with her coral Miu Miu strapless gown. She looked radiant. Others wore red, but the Django Unchanged co-star undoubtedly wore it best. Pay attention, here are my insider secrets on how to get her look! Makeup Artist Carola Gonzalez used the embellishments on the dress as her inspiration and the result was ethereal, with just a hint of color.

The foundation was a sheer glow and she used Giorgio Armani Maestro #10 and coupled it with Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer #11. The blush was Lancome Blush Subtil in Brilliant Berry.

The eyes were smokey but natural, and Gonzalez used Lancome Color Design 5-Pan Shadow & Liner Palette in Sienna Sultry. She topped the eyes off with Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara.

The lips were soft and natural in Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro 202 and Lancome Rouge in Loe in Rose Boudoir.

The Oscars were fantastic and everyone looked stunning. I am dashing to the makeup counter as we speak to grab the above colors, hitting Prada and Dior. Already setting sites on next year – and I’ll let Anne borrow my Victoria’s Secret credit card.

Ciao for now,



From Red Soles to Red Lips, Louboutin Steps Out In Beauty

O-M-G doesn’t even get close to describing my excitement. When WWD reported this announcement I dropped my iPad, spilled my latte, and I think I even blacked out a little. Ladies, please sit down, put down all hot beverages and take a deep breath. A very deep breath…

Christian Louboutin is stepping out (no pun intended) from red soles to red lips! Will you please freakin pinch me?! I must be dreaming. Christian Louboutin Beaute is slated to arrive in late 2013. How on earth can we possibly wait that long? I guess I will have to buy another pair of stilettos to tide me over. You know anything from Chris—oh, yeah we are on a first name basis—will be uber luxurious. We would expect nothing less.

His inspiration for the line? Hold on to your lattes again, this fashion icon is beyond—well, he is just beyond. Louboutin cited his muse for this line is from 3,300 years ago—Nefertiti. She was the original Diva, ladies (and this was before Botox)! This smokin-hot vixen had both Moses and Ramses rapped around her…finger shall we say?  When referring to a bust that is kept in the Neues Museum in Berlin, Louboutin reported, “It’s the most beautiful thing. I stayed for an hour just looking at the bust. It’s a perfect beauty and the makeup is quite perfect.”

I wish someone would stare at my bust for an hour.

So stay tuned ladies. And be patient. Something this beauty Diva finds extremely difficult to do.


Ciao for now,

Sandra Witten, PA-C, MPAS