Banishing Blotches with Luminaze

Let’s discuss pigmentation. Freckles, sunspots, and those pesky little marks that we get after an acne bump always seem to last FOREVER. Don’t need them and don’t want them, so lets talk about how to banish and reduce signs of pigmentation.

Luminaze is a sexy little blotch banisher. This product is actually derived from mushrooms that grow in the Swiss Alps. Mais Oui, you say! These fun little fungi were actually seen to bleach the tree bark they were growing on.  Melanin doesn’t stand a chance against Luminaze, and it works even more effectively than a common Rx – hydroquinone.  Spots may look good on Rover, but talk to the paw when it comes to our ‘oh’ so luminous visages.  Should I go in the sun when my face graciously returns to a fine porcelain finish? When pigs fly! Sun is El Diablo, ladies. More on my favorite sunscreens in a future post.


Ciao for now,

Sandra Witten, PA-C, MPAS