Perfect Pouts with Juvederm

Trying to perfect the perfect pout? How, oh how do I get those amazing “party lips” seen on the pages of fashion magazines? Party lips, you ask? This is the trademark of pure seduction ladies. These hot lips (and I am not referring to a M*A*S*H re-run) look amazingly sexy while sipping on a mojito, or kissing your date goodnight. 

Enter Juvederm. This will take your lips to the next kissable level. This gel is made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the skin that adds volume (it can also work for filling wrinkles) and ensures a precocious pout. Pain you ask? Oh, very little! Technique depends on the injector of course, but I use what is called a dental block. This ensures a next to painless pucker session.

A syringe of Juvederm will set you back around 500 “smackers.” This is soooooo well worth it for that velvety vixen pout. Grab a big stick ladies, because men will be beating down your door.

Ciao for now,

Sandra Witten, PA-C, MPAS