“Helloooooo Lover!”

Peeps have dubbed me the Carrie Bradshaw of beauty which sparked my “Sandra in the City” adventures. Oh my how Carrie fawns over Louboutin, Choo, and Malonos.

This beauty Diva gets weak in the knees when the new spring collections debut from Chanel, Mac, and Bobbie Brown. Pair that with my Louboutins, and damn, I’m fierce.

Beyonce watch out – I may be calling myself Sasha from now on. Enjoy my gal pal, Carrie – this is how I feel finding the perfect Chanel gloss. I may need some alone time after the purchase.

Tune into twitter this week as I post my favorite Sex in the City quotes. It’s the dead of winter here in Chicago, and this beauty blogger needs a little bling to get me into spring!

Ciao for now,

Note the Scents for a Fragrant Fall

Amidst the arrival of fall fashion, we also need to make sense of all the sensuous scents—ha, that call upon our inner goddess. A fragrance lingers far longer than the style of any outfit, so make a dramatic departure from your grand entrance—noses up, and take note, literally.

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