NeoStrata: The Mega Multitasker

We all do it—juggling, but can we apply the same multitasking efforts to our beauty regime? So, just how many beauty products can we worship at once? NeoStrata took me by surprise, dare I say, it rocked my world. Neo strata means New Skin in Italian, and they can repave the road on my face any time. This company was developed by Dr. VanScott and Dr. Yu who founded, yes founded the Alphy Hydroxy Acid molecule. These molecular rock stars love to play around with acids in their laboratory (sounds kinda psychedelic, huh?), and they were first to discover the rejuvenating powers of the super star—AHA. So this is the Big Daddy company of exfoliation and rejuvenation. Ummm, where do I sign up?

Enter NeoStrata Skin Active, the name says it all. How many products can I pack into my anti-aging basket? The Skin Active line contains the most technologically advanced ingredients: Patented NeoGucosamine (NAG) for short—kinda sounds like your mother in law? But I digress. Patented Maltobionic acid (derived from beer – oh yeah, baby!), Retinol (if you don’t know this player, oh do we have to talk) Peptides, the oh-so coveted Glycolic Acid, Super antioxidants (including Chardonnay grape seed extract—really? I am feeling a bit Patsy from Ab Fab), and PhytoCellTec Extract (Apple stem cell extract). So I have derivatives from beer, wine, and apple pie on my face? Perfect, all without a single ding to my waistline, I am even more in love with these products than before.

Bottom Line: Reduced wrinkles, reduced pigmentation and increased collagen. All at the sweet price of $79.00 for a kit containing FOUR products (and all multitask). Visit your local Chi-town Dermatologist for the kit or visit: NeoStrata.

Ciao for now,
Sandra Witten, PA-C, MPAS

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