A Beautiful Skin Regimen

Davide Bollati, founder of my absolute favorite hair care line, Davines SpA has launched an amazing skin care line, it’s a must-have for any Davine devotee. Bollati creates these innovative concoctions quite naturally, after studying pharmacy in his native Parma, Italy; he was attracted to anti-aging early on, writing his thesis on free radicals—the backbone of every anti-aging regime.


Bollati is launching a new Comfort Zone line, called Skin Regimen accompanied by a book Skin Regimen: The Essential Lifestyle Guide for Skin Longevity and Beauty. Bollati describes the Skin Regimen line as “diet for the skin” nourishing the skin from the inside.


Consistent with his amazing purity and well-proven efficacy in hair care the line will contain two concentrated serums, two hydrating and anti-aging creams, plus an intensive renewal mask and a two-in-one cleansing milk and toner.

Produced in Italy of the highest standards, Bollati is sure to have as big of a hit in skin care as hair care. I am one of the biggest Davine’s addicts, and I am anxiously awaiting the launch. To locate availability at spas in the US, visit Comfort Zone.

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