Seven Days of Wonder: Rotation Anti-Aging Skin Therapy

We all have fifty thousand anti-aging skin care products lurking in our bathroom, and we’ve all done it—layer them on top of each other, trying to reach the perfect pinnacle of radiance, tone, luminosity and wrinkle reduction. Reality? Irritation, sometimes lots of it. And, unbeknownst to the most well intended skin care neophyte—some ingredients can actually cancel each other out. Say it isn’t so! Put vitamin C on top of vitamin A (aka retinoid) and POOF! You might as well have flushed your very expensive creams down the “loo” as the Brits would say.

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NARS, Will You Marry Me?

Thats it. Im in love, real love – the kind that takes your breath away. Call Cartier stat. We can get the ring and the wedding invitations in one place (Nothing less than Cartier my dear)

After getting my recent color fix at MAC (see last post) I decided that my appetite was not nearly satiated. What next? A trip to Sephora, of course! It’s like putting an alcoholic in a bar. Don’t want a chip because I just cant stop.

You guys know my never ending quest for the perfect porcelain complexion. The smooth radiance that reflects light comme ça - or just so, as the French would say.

NARS comes through again, and the name of the product isn’t even naughty! Let me introduce you to my future betrothed – NARS light reflecting loose powder and NARS light reflecting pressed (Who said polygamy was dead?)

According to Sephora’s website NARS exclusive Light Reflecting Complex™, which optimizes light-reflection on the skin. Its silky powder is infused with Photochromic Technology, which diffuses light and adjusts to new sources of light throughout the day…NARS Light Reflecting Complex utilizes a blend of pure ingredients that work in synergy to transform light like a prism. Light-active micro-prisms are combined with algae extract and Polynesian seawater to optimize light reflection on the skin.

Ok so you know how fabulous your skin looks in candle light? Yep, imagine taking this uber sexy luminosity with you to work every day. As the peeps in the next cubicles are complaining and whining all you say to yourself is “Damn my skin looks good.”

Ciao for now,

I Got Your “MAC”

Ok so walking into a MAC store can sometimes be overwhelming even for this experienced beauty blogger. I feel the excitement that a free-range chicken must feel just out of the cage, coupled with an overwhelming sense of ADD…

Where do I start, where do I go, what color goes with… OMG… I have to have this!!!!! “Ohhhhh shiny” over to the left. Yes I am revealing my very excitable neurons with you guys. Thank God MAC has taken the guess work (and calmed my beauty ADD down a bit) out of putting colors together.I will be outside the door at 9:59am with nose pressed against glass. If you see paw prints on the window of the MAC pro store on Armitage – well look no further. MAC fashion sets hit the stores tomorrow!

Update! Ran home and put on ABLAZE pro set. This girl is on Fire – gonna give Alicia a run for her money…

This is my “Come Hither You Manly GQ Model” color. Heroine. Nuff said

Oh my. It is going to be a colorful spring. I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with fashion sets. Walk in, pick color (or multiples) and DONE. Your look is all put together. Enough time to grab a cocktail.

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My New Spring Picks – OH You Naugty NARS!

The snow has melted in Chicago and finally, oh finally a girl’s attention can turn to SPRING! Sit down ladies, grab your latte or cabernet depending on the time of day – and listen up! Yes, its called ORGASM, blush that is! Oh you naughty NARS

This is my top pick to spring up your look. It has been out for a while, but I am still infatuated with this color. Maybe I just like saying the name? Lets go ladies the boots are off, the spring pedis are out, and everybody who is anybody is hitting the scene in Chicago with a new look.

Speaking of new look? Sunrise eyes are the IT look right now, and the latest ball O’ fire color on the horizon is Persia from NARS. It is in the spring 2013 collection and you can’t go wrong with this look. If you are popping your Persia go uber light on the cheeks and lips – lest you look like you finagled yourself off the funny farm

Step away from the chocolate bunny, hop over to Sephora and grab some Orgasm and Persia. Your visage will be glad you did. Cigarette anyone?

Ciao for now,