Spring Safely into Spring Break!

The clocks have turned forward, and warmer days draw near, yet everyone is escaping out of the city for a warmer, sunnier, spring break. And, spring break means SUN—finally!

What is the first thing this dermatology professional thinks of? Yes, ladies, sunscreen! If the threat of skin cancer doesn’t motivate you, let me introduce you to a word called photo-aging. Just think of Magda, the wrinkled old lady in the Cameron Diaz movie, Something About Mary—enough said.

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Brush on Beauty with Susan Posnick

I had the fortunate opportunity to chat with beauty expert Susan Posnick, President and CEO of her eponymous beauty line: Susan Posnick Cosmetics. I was so inspired by the amazing journey and personal story of why she launched her company ten years ago—and the impetus behind her Beauty With a Purpose philosophy.

SW: What sparked your interest in fashion and beauty?
SP: I was raised in a big town in Massachusetts, and from the time I was six, I remember being very picky about what I wore and how I looked. In high school I did a little modeling, and did makeup for my friends and school productions. I knew I wanted to enter the creative world of fashion in some way, but didn’t know how to go about it.

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“Helloooooo Lover!”

Peeps have dubbed me the Carrie Bradshaw of beauty which sparked my “Sandra in the City” adventures. Oh my how Carrie fawns over Louboutin, Choo, and Malonos.

This beauty Diva gets weak in the knees when the new spring collections debut from Chanel, Mac, and Bobbie Brown. Pair that with my Louboutins, and damn, I’m fierce.

Beyonce watch out – I may be calling myself Sasha from now on. Enjoy my gal pal, Carrie – this is how I feel finding the perfect Chanel gloss. I may need some alone time after the purchase.

Tune into twitter this week as I post my favorite Sex in the City quotes. It’s the dead of winter here in Chicago, and this beauty blogger needs a little bling to get me into spring!

Ciao for now,