Aerin Lauder Launches Beauty Collection

Aerin Lauder, granddaughter of mega beauty mogul Estée Lauder, is going solo with her own line, The Aerin Lauder beauty collection.  Exploding onto the beauty scene with a cosmetic line, this über chic protégé is launching Aerin, LLC as a global luxury lifestyle brand that will encompass everything from beauty, tabletop décor, jewelry, and a book.

Aerin Lauder beauty collection.

The Aerin Lauder beauty collection will launch first, in stores such as Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom by late August. The launch will focus on a digital campaign including a micro-site on, titled and  a social media play on Twitter and Tumbler.  September will kick-off with the tabletop collection, and gifts including a candle line ready for the holidays.  Could Ms. Lauder possibly add anything more to her plate? (No pun intended!) Yes she can! Personal accessories, fabrics and more home décor items are slated to appear in spring 2013, and, she is not finished yet, there is still more to come. A book on living and style published by Random House will debut the following fall—phew! I am tired just thinking about all of this!

Aerin Lauder.

The Aerin Essentials Collection will offer a Fresh Skin Compact Makeup, available in six shades, priced: $48; Pretty Bronze Illuminating Powder, available in two shades, priced: $45; Multi Color Lips & Cheeks in Natural, priced $42; Rose Lip Conditioner in Nude, priced $28; Rose Hand & Body Cream, priced $48; and the Brush Essentials set, which includes foundation, concealer, bronzer, highlighter and lip brushes, priced: $148.  The limited-edition fall color collection will be launched in September, featuring edited colors, which will continue four times a year—fall, holiday, spring, and summer.

Expect to find The Aerin beauty collection merchandized with the Estée Lauder ReNutriv skin care brand, with the photo campaign shot by Claiborne Swanson Frank.

Aerin is an amazing inspiration at Estée Lauder as the style and image director, and now with Aerin will surely set the industry ablaze with her creations.  Methinks this protégé is vying for mogul status. Is there nothing she can’t do?


Ciao for now,

Sandra Witten


From Red Soles to Red Lips, Louboutin Steps Out In Beauty

O-M-G doesn’t even get close to describing my excitement. When WWD reported this announcement I dropped my iPad, spilled my latte, and I think I even blacked out a little. Ladies, please sit down, put down all hot beverages and take a deep breath. A very deep breath…

Christian Louboutin is stepping out (no pun intended) from red soles to red lips! Will you please freakin pinch me?! I must be dreaming. Christian Louboutin Beaute is slated to arrive in late 2013. How on earth can we possibly wait that long? I guess I will have to buy another pair of stilettos to tide me over. You know anything from Chris—oh, yeah we are on a first name basis—will be uber luxurious. We would expect nothing less.

His inspiration for the line? Hold on to your lattes again, this fashion icon is beyond—well, he is just beyond. Louboutin cited his muse for this line is from 3,300 years ago—Nefertiti. She was the original Diva, ladies (and this was before Botox)! This smokin-hot vixen had both Moses and Ramses rapped around her…finger shall we say?  When referring to a bust that is kept in the Neues Museum in Berlin, Louboutin reported, “It’s the most beautiful thing. I stayed for an hour just looking at the bust. It’s a perfect beauty and the makeup is quite perfect.”

I wish someone would stare at my bust for an hour.

So stay tuned ladies. And be patient. Something this beauty Diva finds extremely difficult to do.


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Sandra Witten, PA-C, MPAS

Gift Mom with Glowing Skin by Revale

Mom. Who could replace her? She is the amazing lady that tied our shoes when we were young and then taught us about Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin.  We have always been Diva’s in training—thanks Mom! What could we ever do to repay her? My #1 pick for Mom (or Mum as the British would say) is a product line called Revale. It gives a potent anti-aging punch but is very gentle on Mom’s tender visage. AND, it is derived from my oh so favorite beverage.  Stay tuned, and I will let you know how to rock Mom’s world, she might even buy you a new pair of shoes to say thanks.

Are you sitting down? What does a latte and radiant skin have in common? Don’t call me crazy just yet.  Before you start dunking Mom’s face in your Starbucks, let me tell you about the newest anti-aging breakthrough—the coffee berry, which is found in the Revale skin care line. This little sucker packs an anti-oxidant punch that is eight to ten times more potent than vitamin C. It is more potent than both pomegranate and green tea. And believe it or not, it is very gentle on the most sensitive skin. (Mom will love you for this.)

How was this tiny titan of beauty discovered you ask? Ladies, are you ready for this?  The workers who harvest the coffee bean are known to have smoking hot hands, despite blazing sun exposure. They sport leather-like skin everywhere except for those harvesting hands. So, we really need to send a thank you to these guys—not only do they supply us with our morning jolt, they accidentally stumbled upon our fountain of youth.

To purchase, check out the nearest location near you, or to shop online, visit: Revale.

Have a great Mother’s Day.


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Sandra Witten, PA-C, MPAS